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Edward Weston

1. Edward weston was born in Highland Park Illinois. he was given his first camera on his sixteenth birthday. In 1903 he attended the Illinois college of Photography. He later on moved to California to pursue a career in Photography. In 1910 he opened his first photographic studio. 1937 he was awarded a fellowship, the first given to a photographer. Edward was said to be one of the greatest photographic artists of the 20th century. 

2. Weston mainly worked with nudes and nature, some of his most famous photography were:
- "pepper #30" 
- "Dunes Oceano"
-"Nude", 1936

Ansel Adams

1. Ansel adams was a famous photographer that grew up in San Francisco, California. His career began the moment his father gave him his first camera, soon after he began using new and better camera's. Adams started going to club meetings, exhibits and read photography magazines. Later, Adams' first portfolio was successful and received commercial assignments to photograph the wealthy patrons who bought his portfolio. Later on his career in photography finally became big and many people loved his work. Adams was an all around great photographer and deserved what he earned.

2. Some of his notable photographs were
-winter sunrise, Sierra Nevada from lone pine 
-Moonrise, Hernandez, New mexico
-Aspens, New mexico
Adams photographic style was nature.

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