Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This picture shows pattern, the leaves hold a pattern that makes them distinct in nature.


This picture shows contrast, this photo shows the difference between the day and night of the field.


This painting shows emphasis, there is one point in the whole picture that really pulls your eye in to the middle.


This photo shows variety because there are many different types of materials used to make this picture and there is more than one texture to it.


This picture shows the principle movement, because it is directing your eyes throughout different parts of the picture.


This photo shows the element form, in this picture are blue spheres that best represent form because they enclose volume.


This shows the element value, the picture is shaded so that it looks like it has volume/value.


In this picture there is an pen part of the sculpture to show that there is space between the sides of it, this picture shows the element of space.


In this picture there are many different lines going around to structure and create this shape, this picture shows the element shape.

Monday, March 30, 2009


In this picture there is a middle point where there are multiple different lines coming out to show the element line.


This picture shows texture, there are many different levels to the tree and it shows the most where the bark is carved out.